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Tuesday, November 25, 2014


It is an attainment to not reach for siddhis* when they arise. This attainment is worth a thousand siddhis. It is real, a place and means of being that is unshaken, even by the gift of magical powers.

This and all attainment comes from grace (sorry ego).

I am steady inside. Things lurch. That's what they do.


Nope. I'm not that. Why did I ever think I was that?

Why did I ever even think I was that? So strange, the things that are falling away.

Inside I am steady. The lurching about, way over here, which means the pendulum had to swing way over there... has finally reached stasis.

For how long, who knows?? One never does, that I do know.

But now I am experiencing solid stillness, with the usual lurching around me, pulling at me.

Occasional slips bring a HUGE BURN. Poof! I am still again.


*"Magical powers" that arise from austerities, spiritual practices such as meditation, yoga, etc. Sadhus who can be buried alive for days and emerge with no damage for example. These skills are known as siddhis. They are often described as distractions from the ultimate goal, which is realization.

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