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Monday, April 7, 2014

Yes I am

Who knew? That I could step back from all of this. Could return every time I reach for maya, tiring illusion, nothing back, negotiating with fate.

It seems obvious, but I have been going about life all wrong. I mean all wrong.

I remember... deciding to change myself when I was very young.

I am burning these moments, a lifetime of moments now, when I was wrapped in maya, so close and so concentrated that it is painful to feel it again, the belief that I was wanting and needing, acting and seeking. Ohh I complain as each memory slips through me like smoke through a fan. I am burning that.

I am burning the belief that all of this is happening to me.

I turn away, I have been wasting my energy, my moments, trying to get somewhere, be something I am not.

Step away.

Step away.

I turn inward, where a place of no place awaits me. A personal, tender universe with no beginning or end... I settle into this never... an inky black hush that has always been.

This is what is real. That is not, is never. That happened, that will happen. No substance, a construct of my mind, contracted consciousness.

I do not regret, I do not hope.

I don't hold on or seek.

I am still. This is where I feel the touch of God, my source, my already here, my now.

Be mine.

I will.

You are good.

Yes I am.

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