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Friday, January 31, 2014

At last

Young girl watches lover's tryst in garden

My beloved, You speak to me through everything. Everything. There is nothing that is not Your caress, Your stillness... Your breath and Your being. I worship You, I worship You.

You are this delicate puddle that smells of damp rocks.

Give me a push...

You are this surging ocean of invisible karmas that pulls and pushes, falls on me, (again...), then trickles away under my guru's feet.

I see, and I hear... (Is she humming?)

You are her grace, gathering me up, knocking the dust off, weaving my karmas over and over into this sheerest veil of sighs.

Oh! I see through it, past it, see all of this consciousness... and know at last that I am all and none of it.

I close my eyes. I want it all as You.

Young girl watches lover's tryst in garden

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