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Sunday, September 15, 2013

No explanation

A white murti of Lord Shiva adorned with and surrounded by flowers
My Lord's consciousness
and intelligence emanates
as endless universes
Only because I have this blog do I feel the need to explain.

Isn't it the pinnacle of self-indulgence to withdraw from the world, to live a solitary life INSIDE. And how can you say this is all God? If this is all God, doesn't that mean there is no evil?

Lord Krishna explains: Do your duty, your dharma. It's true that all of this is the great Lord, His play, the Lord at play. Take your hands off of His creation, trying to push and pull it, and simply follow your duty. This is the way to freedom. Profound, ultimate freedom.

This is all consciousness. And it is an intelligence so supreme it unfolds and emerges through everything around me... so that the earth knows how to fly and spin, the rain knows how and where to fall, the wind knows where to go... and every part of this great play is made by You, by your divine intelligence.

Only because I know that some of the people who read my blog are very active, good people, who dare to do good, to be something great... do I feel the need to explain.

I say to them: What a wonderful thing. Follow the bliss. Choose where you are, the only real choice. You get to merge back eventually. But the play would be over if everyone suddenly decided they were done and wanted out.

Waving the lights, an aarti on ghat on banks of Ganges River, Kashi/Veranasi

Sometimes a kriya gently, insistently bends my head forward and I have a minute of "head falling forward" meditation (the best). But my mediation now is eyes open, everywhere I go, everything I do. I want to feel bliss, so I turn my senses inward, watch as all of this... IS.

I know I am yours, that I am You when I am so still inside. My senses withdrawn, all is profoundly silent and still, even as the motion and noise of the play continues around me.

A temple full of offerings for Mahashivaratri is crowded with worshipers

When I was new to sadhana, I didn't like the thought of merging with God. I thought it must be an Indian thing, one I would never really comprehend. Of course, my ego was very unhappy at the thought of dissolving into God.

Now merging with God is the very best, the sweetest, the most wonderful idea ever, and the deepest desire of my heart. I have become bigger and more than my ego, which thinks I am THIS.

I love Shiva, the auspicious one. What could be better than to merge back into Him, my Beloved? The wonder and delight of this ultimate journey is indescribable pleasure to my Lord and to me.

All because of grace. Guruji...

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