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Monday, July 15, 2013

The root of action

The Devi is the water,
the water is the Devi,
Ganga Maa I worship You
I have blogged before about my realization that the wisdom expressed as "The guru is the root of all action" is about God, not the physical guru.

I have been contemplating Karma Yoga (one of the yogas described by Lord Krsna in the Bhagavad Gita), and the malas (impurities in understanding that cause maya, the enchanted belief that I am this, and all of this is happening to and because of me).

I burned up a tremendous amount of karma (a spiritual debt resulting from the ignorance caused by maya) recently in a HUGE physical karma regarding my teeth.

How do I know I was burning karma? The way I always know. Afterwards my perspective has been permanently shifted. It is higher, simpler, and evokes a new level of equipoise in my life and sadhana (spiritual work).

I was torn apart emotionally by what happened with my teeth. (As Loise L. Hay will tell you, teeth represent the ability to analyze and assimilate ideas and spiritual understanding). Until I accepted what had happened and my role in it, I was in extreme hell. I went to an emotional place I haven't experienced in many years.

After a couple of days of hell, I clawed my way out of this hell by ceasing to claw. By accepting, and asking what was (is) next. I grasped that acceptance with all I had, and immediately my situation changed.

Fully offering something that encircled my deepest entrails with the surest and oldest of knots has melted away lifetimes of suffering. I can do this at last because of the grace of my guru, and my commitment to my life as a devotee of God.

Guru's grace. 

It is impossible to be released from the enchantment of maya without the grace bestowing aspect of God.

What I stopped by my blog to express is the new found understanding I have after these events. First off, I had to accept that something really "wrong" or "bad" can still happen to me.

My way out of that was to also realize that whatever it takes to move on, if it takes twice as much money, whatever, I'll choose that, and God will determine what happens from there.

I spent some time contemplating the malas. None of this is happening to me I kept in my thoughts as I viewed the world around me as swirling consciousness, and held to the certainty that the root of all action in that consciousness IS NOT (LITTLE) ME. It is God.

God is the root of all action. The results of all action belong to God.

Aarti at the holy city of Haridwar

All of this karmic gymnastics has given me a tremendous amount of freedom.

Now when something happens, I offer it to God. "God wants to do this," I think. Wow, that is totally a new thought!

God wants to do this. God wants to experience this. It is the play. I experience the play. But I don't have to identify with it.

This sounds like a forced intellectualism. But it isn't.

When I sink back inside, I become still, silent, full of bliss. I look around as the eyes of Shiva. I have created this universe for my delight, and I love and cherish everything in it.

I am the knower, not the known. I am the watcher, not the watched.

I offer the fruits of action. "God wants to do this."

I love my highest Lord Paramashiva so very much, of course I want to offer everything to Him. My life of "doing," I offer to You, my Beloved. This is all yours, as I am yours.

All of this is You (me as You).

Whatever happens, I know that You want to do this... as me.

I love you Sri Krisna, and I humbly thank you for your
compassionate teachings about Sri Karma Yoga

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