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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Remembering you

What if I could somehow put into words...?

How it feels to find You as this private, seeping nectar of sound, playing to me always, as I have answered always... I am this liquid chorus of blood, of veins, of love forever sounding my depths with the oldest of songs, played by this never silent quartet, the chamber music of my heart.

How it feels to sink into this place of complete stillness, of familiar, exquisite intelligence, always here, never distracted, never asleep.

I look around. This is all intelligence.

How it feels to see light as your consciousness, darkness as the silent space where there is no time, no differentiation, only You, only ONE.

To hear the divine tinkling nada in my ear when I love You, look, and see, return your gaze again and again.

And so, I look with love, for there is only You, and your experience... which I think of as me.

And so, I look around with my senses made of worship, touching your consciousness with my own, finding only You everywhere I touch, seek, enter and embrace.

My doubt is You. My choices good and bad, they are all You. This is You, all set in motion, all the Word moving on the dark waters. I cannot fail. I need not struggle, as though there could be anything wrong.

You, You. Only You. My thoughts are You, my breath is You.

I love You so... So deep I embrace You, cast upon Your love with my entire being, my awareness gels and then becomes an ever melting blanket of love soaked warmth and bliss, sinking into everything I know, changing everything behind and beyond what I knew and once thought that I am.

Changed, I can never go back.

Everything, this everything, I know it, I have always known it... I know You.

Becoming You, remembering You, they are the same.

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