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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Great intelligence

I am not in charge here. Everywhere I turn, the illusion that I am making things happen is dissolving away.

I think my hands are on the steering wheel (of life), even though my life never adjusts in the direction I intend.

I now see a great intelligence in everything I view and experience. This intelligence unfolds everywhere, inside of me and out.

This intelligence is God, my beloved Paramashiva. He doesn't just experience this vast play of His consciousness, he inhabits it as the intelligence that creates it, moves through it, arises and dissolves as everything in every moment.

Situations simply unfold. It is the great dance and bliss of my Lord's intelligence as Devi Shakti.

And I am not in charge.

PS My cat sleeps two-thirds or more of each day. He does this because of "instinct." I see intelligence. How do successive generations of monarchs know how to migrate? This is intelligence, (Your intelligence, Maheshwar...)

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