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Sunday, May 5, 2013


Last Night...

I was sitting in the parking lot at Wally's last night, and I somehow got more than a slight glimpse...

Everything around me is living, active consciousness. Including me.

Because I am made from supreme consciousness, Paramashiva is experiencing this moment as "me."

It seems that most everything my mind thinks is real is simply something it has thought up, and relates to as reality. The past, for instance, doesn't exist (there is only now).

Shree Maya (the concealing aspect of God) makes this extravaganza of multiplicity seem real.

And if that is true, then everything in this moment is made only from consciousness. Because, "real" solid things don't usually dissolve and arise from second to second, do they?

I am always wondering, is consciousness contracted into the "real," solid forms around me, or is the consciousness making it seem like they are real and solid, and giving me the experience of being and interacting with the solid forms?

God is sat chit ananda (being consciousness bliss), and everything is made from God. So everything is consciousness. Everything is created in the moment, from consciousness.


A profound calm and stillness pervades my being. My mind comes to a rest, similar to meditation. According to the guru's words, my mind comes to rest in the heart, which is where the Supreme Lord lives as me.

The next day...

Still profoundly quiet. It is like my mind is spontaneously coming to rest in meditation, eyes open (or closed). I have to think for a minute before I can start a thought process about what I am doing.

Best is when I am not doing. Just sitting.

This is a wonderful, profound spiritual experience.

(Thank you, guruji...)

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