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Thursday, May 16, 2013


Lately I have been feeling so contracted. I was "in the soup." I would think about it in the usual way, with a lot of fear: I messed it all up. My constant spiritual ecstasy and attainment is over.

To go with this thinking is to believe in suffering (my personal "saying" about thinking life is happening to me... along with my other fav: "Gettin' mauled by the malas..." lol).

Then... I wasn't (getting mauled ~ hey I see a pattern here). I was back at being uplifted by my love for God, of wanting to do whatever I can to experience and to grow my love and worship of and belonging to God in this moment. O delight!

Letting go means not identifying with a turn in "the story," not trying to control... and sliding back and forth and around more fluidly. Less stuck in the groove of samskara, sooner back in the feeling of grace, nothing lost.

"You get there by realizing you have been there all along."  ~Eckhart Tolle

The happy ending hasn't left. It has been here all along.

Waikiki Hawaii

The Self watches, but is perfectly still. When I identify as the seer, rather than the seen, I partake of this perfect stillness. It is the place of being, of pure grace.

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