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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sleep while awake

Ram Butler
"There was a time, almost 30 years ago now, that I was in the ashram in India, and in those days the Guru would sit in the courtyard and it was very informal, so one could just go up and talk to him about something. 

One day I approached him with this question of being in sleep while awake, for many scriptures speak of the same experience. And he seemed very interested in my question and told me it was very important to understand, and we talked about it for a while. 

As he spoke, I observed him very closely, and it was as though he was speaking in his sleep. He was actually in that state of sleep even while apparently awake and speaking to me. The understanding of this is, as he said, essential."

~ Ram Butler, Living in the Truth of the Present Moment

Baba Muktananda

I have noticed my consciousness is becoming more still. My mind doesn't open and spill my shakti out all over as much. I often experience stillness, a complete calm. When I focus on keeping the doors to the senses closed, I naturally focus on an area between my eyebrows (ajna chakra?), where a gentle swelling sensation takes place. My mind comes to rest in this place, and continuing to focus there seems to release a form of nectar, a physical form of grace and bliss.

It seems I am becoming more and more "continent" spiritually. Eating sattvic foods, mantra japa, meditation, and the practice of focusing on the feelings of stillness of my entire being all are pulling me inward.

If something happens to disturb my stillness, I can have the stillness back with a minimum of effort (guru's grace...). It seems to all come down to whether I believe I have to suffer, or whether I choose to step away from limiting thoughts and feelings and back into the truth, which is that I am not limited.

When I read Ram Butler's words about remaining in the state of sleep while functioning as though awake, this seemed to be where these changes are leading me.

I think I've reached the tipping point,
where the inner world is more interesting to me
than the external world
even though I don't yet know 
what that "means," or "where I am"

I am made of this velvet mystery 
an ancient place of worship
here in the velvet mystery of my heart 

So'ham... I am that

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