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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Find God inside

Woman worshiping the Ganges River
Hindus experience and
worship God as all of nature,
especially as the sun, Surya,
and as the Ganges River,
as the goddess Ganga
I am guessing and stumbling, but mostly finding a new level of understanding and the possibilities in the NOW.

Note: I have been struggling with the dualistic concept of "inner versus outer." Reading Ram Butler's blog has focused my learning on this, and also on (past or future versus) the "now."

I have made some notes on what seems to be swirling around in my mind, seeking the "ahhhhhh" place of coming to rest in complete understanding.

There is no past, no future. God creates all in each moment. I am one with God, so I am the one creating my Self and "reality."

The spectacular change and freedom I experienced in the last few months is only available to me NOW and AS THIS, whatever is happening in this moment.

Trying to continue this recent (glorious) past in the now is an illusion. The (glorious) now is ever and always new.

The "external" world is an emanation of consciousness. "I" am an emanation of consciousness. There is only ONE, who is Paramashiva, who is found "inside."

The journey to the source of my consciousness and being is within.

Following my consciousness inside is the choice and reality I am finding in this moment. It is where I turn in moments of darshan.

Darshan of my guru's and Paramashiva's grace call to me throughout the day to turn within. When I turn my consciousness inside the grace increases, is sweeter still. I am not so easily carried away by my mind, ego or senses.

I am being claimed by grace, absorbed by grace.

I am the seer, not the seen. I am the knower, not the known. See the play with the eyes of Paramashiva. Offer my senses and my experience to The Supreme, accept each moment as prasad.


The mantra is the vehicle of guru's grace and intention in 2013.

"The mantra is the master key that unlocks the mystery of the inner kingdom, revealing the fullness of your own heart." 
Hands holding a japa mala
Om Namah Shivaya

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