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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Dharana on the guru's mantra japa artwork

A single rudraksha seed on
Lord Shiva's brow
I studied the art work from the guru, and it took a couple of tries for me to realize the little round things are beads, rudraksha seeds (which are sacred to Lord Shiva). Then I realized that each bead represents a repetition of the mantra.

The japa mala of beads spirals inward and outward in a continuous stream, taking the shape of a great sahasrara (crown chakra) in the shape of a large lotus.

Inside the bead lotus is another much smaller spiral lotus in warm colors of cream and creamy white, with a large blue pearl in the center.

The outer edge of the art is flat on three sides, but on the bottom there is a slight "bowing" of the art and slight shadows near the sides that give the appearance of some space behind the art, with white light shining out from under the middle of the bottom edge.

Once I finally got "into" the art, as I really took it in, when I focused on the blue pearl and the yantra-like inner cream-colored mandala-lotus-sahasrara, I felt a sweet little kriya (inner shakti movement) tip my head forward slowly as my mind settled into very sweet, deep meditation.

I could feel a transmission of sweet grace.


Forrest said...

You have to love the subtlety in the symbolism in Hindu iconography. :) Jai Harihara!

jnana shiva said...

Truly... Symbolism is everything. Otherwise you will think that Vishnu actually rides around on a god-bird-man named Garuda, for instance. There would certainly be no way to keep all the forms of the Supreme Lord straight without Shiva's trident, Durga's lion, Krishna's flute, and Lakshmi's coins (Jaya Devis Devas...)

jnana shiva said...

Actually, I think it is possible that the Supreme Lord as Vishnu is transported about by Garuda. With God, literally... everything is possible.

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