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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Burning rajas and drivin' country

I have the most irritating, overall feeling of irritation! Not all the time, thank God, but a good amount of the time. 

For a couple of weeks I just thought it was my mouth pain.

Now I am realizing I am "burning" rajas.

Enlightenment exists beyond the three qualities of tamas (inertia), rajas (activity), and sattva (purity). Burning means to have something "on fire" within, an experience of whatever is being purified that is concentrated, amplified, and occurring at an extreme level of awareness. This is part of how the karmas are burned quick enough (through guru's grace) in order for a yogi to become free (realized) in one lifetime.
rajas [ruh-jus]: one of the three primal qualities (called gunas— Described as the principle of activity; energy; passion; restlessness

So burning of the qualities is one type of spiritual purification on the way to complete freedom.

I feel all over like I do when I have way too much chocolate, caffeine, and sugar, and not enough sleep, times about ten or twenty. Ack! It is rough.

Sometimes I just wiggle and growl and shake, get it off me, get it out! I'm fairly used to constant purification, but this one is especially uncomfortable. I can't really remember ever purifying irritation and rajas.

In my experience, the shakti will make use of whatever is present in my consciousness for Her divine purification activities (which began with my shaktipat in 1999). So my current problems with insomnia and mouth pain become fuel for the fire of purification.

Sometimes, if the purification just gets to be too much, I will ask for a little break, which sometimes commences in that moment. I try to only do this if really necessary. I don't want to save up any purification. I am especially hopeful when it's hard to take, because I know the fire is hot and a lot is being burned away, leaving me free.

As in... I thought I was ________. Nope (...burning away...)

Om guru om.

Slow down... we're "drivin' country"

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