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Thursday, December 27, 2012


What? My soul grows. It changes. I have thought of getting this soul to heaven (the Mormon point of view).

Creation is where I can grow. This is the purpose of life. To change my soul by living, and then to be changed by this living as I return to God. The ultimate change to my soul will be to be absorbed back into God, my beloved.

I really have been thinking of my soul as the car, and choosing where to drive and where to park, driving choices, decisions and directions.

Non-dualism is essential to my path, Kashmir Shaivism. And non-dualism means that I am all there is, and I am changing my identification with my little self to acceptance and duty, as I follow this long arc back to the ultimate destination of all travels, which is God.

It seems obvious, but there's a subtle distinction here that is helping me to understand my BIG question right now.

What is the purpose of creation? Why endure suffering, my own and others? Why take birth, again and again? What is the purpose of life?

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